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Our Mission and Core Values
Mission and Core Values

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Associate Consultants

Manconsult Development has formed an alliance of Senior Associate Consultants with extensive competence and experience in various areas.


Our Senior Associate Advisors have performed numerous assignments over the years for international aid organizations, government agencies and other institutions, for example:
Sida, The Nordic Development Fund (NDF), Danida, The World Bank, ITU, EBRD, The European Commission, Kreditanstalt für Widerbau (Germany), and Kuwait Fund, as well as telecom operators.

Our combined experience comes from more than 100 professional assignments in about 50 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Europe.

Our Senior Associate Advisors

Manconsult Development is working in association with the following Consultants:

Benno Engström, freelance consultant
    is a telecom management professional with a long time experience from international consulting in telecom services, management and organisation development, as well as human resource development. Work has focused on start-up or reorganising operations together with defining business plans and customer benefit elements.
Jan Lanker, Lanker Tele Consult
    has extensive experience from telecom in general and from the international scene in assignments for project management, telecom restructuring and regulation, and as a technical specialist.
Jukka Kanervisto, J. Kanervisto Consulting
    has extensive experience from adaptation of telecom regulations, establishing tariff structures and implementation of interconnection models and agreements.
Ray Walsh, independent consultant
    with strong experience in capacity building in a variety of environments as well as strategic business development. Extensive experience in the design, selection, and implementation of information systems to enhance the operational efficiency of the organisation. Strong project management and multidisciplinary team leading skills.

Together with the firms Principal Consultant and Owner, Karl Erik Olofsson, this alliance will provide high quality advice and support in a variety of undertakings for development of Telecommunications and IT.

Our Offerings present a selection of typical consulting services that we can offer our customers.

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Telecom and IT Sector Development