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Karl Erik Olofsson
Principal Consultant

Karl Erik Olofsson is an independent development consultant with a background in the telecommunications industry. His focus is on development of technology and business as a means for human and social development.

Since 1994 Karl Erik operates his own consultancy firm Manconsult Development and offers services to the Private Sector, Government and Public institutions world-wide.

He takes on assignments as

  • Project manager and team leader
  • Strategist and organisation development expert
  • Process development and quality management systems expert
  • Development projects appraisal and evaluation expert

Karl Erik Olofsson has an M.Sc. E.E. from Chalmers, Gothenburg, Sweden with the following personal qualifications and professional profile:

  • A thorough knowledge of telecommunications, IT systems and general business management, acquired from many years as line manager, development manager and project manager.
  • Several years experience of institutional development and capacity building through management and staff development as well as process and work method changes.
  • Strong project management powers for complex and large projects on institutional change, infrastructure and technical development in major companies and in multicultural corporate environment.
  • Lecturer/course developer of international top and mid level managers training programmes.

In all:
  • 35 years in Telecom and IT
  • 15 years as Line Manager and Project Manager for development & engineering
  • 11 years as independent Consultant in International Development
  • First national ICT Project 1986-88
  • International from 1976 in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Europe:
    Saudi Arabia, Liberia, Libya, Guinea-Bissau, Angola, Nigeria, Tanzania, Pakistan, Kashmir, Ecuador, Namibia, Thailand, Uganda, Laos, Yugoslavia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Mozambique, Kuwait, Belarus, Costa Rica, The Gambia.

Language proficiency: Swedish and English (fluent), Portuguese (good), and also some Spanish, German and French (fair).

For a list of representative Project Assignments in recent years, see Reference Projects.

Contact details:
E-mail: keo [at]
Tel. no. +46 31 298612
Att: Karl Erik Olofsson

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