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Our Mission and Core Values
Mission and Core Values

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Manconsult Development is an independent Swedish Consultant for international development.

We provide demanding advisory and support services in development projects to Private Sector Entities and Government Institutions as well as other Public Entities in Sweden and in the international arena.
Our focus is on ICT and People Development.

Consultancy Profile

Manconsult based in Gothenburg, Sweden, has been in operation since 1994.
The owner and Principal Consultant, Karl Erik Olofsson, has more than 30 years of professional experience of consultancy work, line management and project management in Sweden and in the international field.

We are independent of vendors, telecom operators and service providers and we cooperate with other independent professional consultants as required to meet customer needs.

We offer consulting services in the following areas:

  • Telecom and IT sector development
  • Capacity building and competence change, transfer and exchange of know-how and experience
  • Result oriented project management

Our Mission is to help our customers achieve their goals by:

  • developing strategy, organisation, and processes
  • improving management and staff competences
  • improving project performance and management capabilities
  • developing infrastructure, tools and methodology

Our Core Values are:

  • Our Ambition to contribute to a development that makes the difference.
  • Our Philosophy that development of technology and business shall be a means for human and social development.

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Our Offerings:

Capacity Building

Project Management for Results

Telecom and IT Sector Development