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Our Mission and Core Values
Mission and Core Values

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Manconsult offer: Capacity Building

Building the Competent Organization

We help enterprises and organizations develop their organizational competence through capacity building:

  • Business strategy, market and customer orientation, development of organization and management.
  • Staff development: HRD, competence change, manager training and leadership development.

Our support is offered with selected or all components of the following systematic approach:

  • Analyse strategies, business plan, market and other conditions
  • Propose strategy and business plan
  • Plan and implement changes in work methods, procedures and tools
  • Adapt organizational and management structures
  • Plan and implement customer and market oriented attitudes
  • Develop competences; plan and implement competence change programmes
  • Train and coach managers and leaders to effective management performance

In these change and development processes, all work is done in close and integrated collaboration with the concerned management and staff, because the client owns the project and the change process!

Capacity Building for Government and Public institutions

The technological and information revolution has multiplied the possibilities and options for social and economic as well as cultural development at an accelerating speed through new solutions and services.
This new situation is a challenge to the existing institutions. They will have to take on new and challenging tasks, facing a new reality that have institutional aspects and will require competence development. They need to build The Competent Organization through Capacity Building.

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