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Our Mission and Core Values
Mission and Core Values

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Our Services and Offerings

Manconsult undertakes assignments on short and medium terms by its own, or in cooperation with other independent consultants and specialists as required.

We provide demanding advisory and support services for development in all fields of telecommunication and IT. We can offer real expertise and state of the art methodology in various competence areas.

With our Associate Senior Advisors we offer teams of experts with extensive knowledge and experience in various specialties: telecom networks and services development, ICT development and implementation, especially with relevance to the requirements of the developing countries and emerging economies .

With specialization in all disciplines of telecom and IT development, our Senior Advisors can provide high quality advice and support in various undertakings, such as:

Building the competent organization
Capacity building: Strategies and policies; market and customer orientation, development of organization, staff, and managers.

Development of telecom and IT services
Network and ICT services development; network planning and design; technical specifications and procurement support; supervision and monitoring of supplier undertakings.

ICT sector development
Sector strategy and policies, action plan for implementation, capacity building and restructure of regulators; tariff structure and interconnection models; adaptation of laws and regulations.

Project management for results
Operative project management; project monitoring, appraisals and evaluations; project management training and tools.

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Our Offerings:

Capacity Building

Project Management for Results

Telecom and IT Sector Development