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Our Mission and Core Values
Mission and Core Values

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Manconsult Development cooperates with other independent professional consultants as required to meet customer needs.

We are able to put together consultant teams of experts with extensive knowledge and experience in various competence areas, especially with relevance to the requirements of the developing countries and emerging economies.

The experienced experts we offer are:

Involving the Client - a Team Working Concept

The project result must be feasible in the actual client's environment.

To achieve this, the contributions and commitment of the concerned client's own organization are crucial.
This requires that the customerís own managers and key staff participate and are involved in developing and implementing the project solutions.

Therefore we propose that integrated teams are built for the project tasks, where the customerís team members and the consultants work closely together.

In our view the consultantsī role should not be to take over the responsibility for the customerís development initiatives, but to act as change agents and facilitators that supply additional competence and experience to the customerís organisation. Thereby strengthening it and at the same time enabling a continued development by the client organisation on its own, aiming at a sustainable ability for a continuous development in the area concerned.
A similar Team Working Concept should also be applied in the implementation phase of a project.

According to our experience and believes, this interactive approach will ensure that our services will be delivered with the highest professional quality to meet customer expectations in a correct setup for the individual assignment.

We will always present a detailed proposal of the project team composition, with the relevant competences and qualifications, including the respective individuals' CV:s.

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