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Jan Lanker
Associate Consultant

Jan Lanker is a telecommunications specialist who has devoted his whole working carreer to telecommunications, primarily on the international scene.

Jan Lanker established an independent consultancy services under the name Lanker Tele Consult (LTC) in 1996, a small company relying on its own resources as well as on a network of qualified independent telecommunications specialists

Jan is specialising in:

  • Project Management: planning, supervision, assistance, and follow-up of projects.
  • Telecommunications Engineering: Technical Specialist in longer or shorter studies.
  • Telecommunications Restructuring and Regulation: corporatization, commercialisation, liberalisation etc. from a technical point of view.
  • Promotion: to work out Proposals, to negotiate Contracts etc.

Jan is a M.Sc. from Gothenburg, Sweden and has a thorough knowledge of telecommunications with special emphasis on activities on the international scene where he has held several positions.

As a self-employed Consultant under Companu name Lanker TeleConsult, LTC, he has worked for various Clients, including Sida, DANIDA as well as the major consulting companiesin Sweden and Denmark.

Furthermore, projects have also been executed for institutions such as the World Bank, the African Development Bank and the European Bank for Restructuring and Development.

LTC has carried out services in a number of Countries in the developing world as well as in Western, Central and Eastern Europe, e.g. Angola, Belarus, Denmark, Egypt, Indonesia, Jordan, Lithuania, Malawi, Mozambique, Netherlands, Poland, and Sweden.

Language proficiency: Danish, English and Swedish (fluent), Portuguese (good, long working experience), German (good), French and Spanish (some).

For a list of representative project assignments in recent years, see Reference Projects.

Contact Jan Lanker:
E-mail: janlanker [at]
or by phone: +45 35 855223

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