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Our Mission and Core Values
Mission and Core Values

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Network of Professionals

To broaden its competence base, Manconsult cooperates with other independent Professional Experts.

The Network of more than 10 individual consultants combine broad and in-depth know-how and experience in the following areas:

  • Organisation Studies, Feasibility Studies and Project Appraisals
  • Project Management and Monitoring
  • International Promotion, Project Definition and Tenders
  • Policy and Strategy, Regulation and Telecom Laws
  • MIS/IT, Financial Management
  • Mobile Telecom, Data Networks, Switching, Transmission, and Outside Plant

Through this Network of experienced professionals, our clients will have access to

  • key area specialists
  • experienced project managers and generalists
  • multi area specialists
  • complete teams of various specialists and competencies
  • We operate world-wide, from home bases in the Nordic countries and the British Isles.

    For more information on the individual expertise profiles of the Network and for a discussion of your needs, please contact:

    Denmark: Jan Lanker
    Lanker Tele Consult
    Tel: +45 35 855223

    E-mail: janlanker [at]
    Sweden: Karl Erik Olofsson
    Manconsult Development
    Tel: +46 31 298612

    E-mail: keo [at]

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    Our Offerings:

    Capacity Building

    Project Management for Results

    Telecom and IT Sector Development